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English/Language Arts Education Program Review (SPA)

Regents Reports

Regents Report


Regents’ Report Questionnaire Template


Regent’ Report Section III

License or Certification Assessment

For programs requiring license or certification, list the number of students taking the licensing exam and the number who passed.


# taking exam

# passing








Regent’ Report Section III-2

What were the analysis and findings from last year’s department assessments?  Include results of the assessments, analysis, or meaning.  (A brief paragraph.)

 The English Education candidates are passing the OSAT at 100% pass rate. One candidate had to take the test twice before passing it, but the candidate took his/her a majoritey of the coursework from another community college/university. The other assessments used, which include coursework, student teaching, and portfolio's, indicate all candidates are passing at a Competent or above level. The results of the assessments indicate the English Education candidates have a competent background in the English curriculum and are prepared to teach English in the classroom.




Regent’ Report Section III-3

What policy modifications, procedural changes, or other improvements occurred or are planned in the department due to assessments?  Highlight department change and achievements based on assessments. (A brief paragraph.)

There are no current changes in the English Department because the candidates  are preforming at the Competent and above level on all the assessments. However, starting with the new catalogue, 2013-2014 as a part of the required curriculum the candidates will be required to take a Young Adult Literature course. The English Department felt this was a needed course for the English Education candidates to better prepare them for teach Young Adult Literature.