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LiveText Instructional Documents

LiveText Important Information

Read this before using LiveText--EVEN if you are a previous user!

How do I get LiveText?  Click Here!
How do I submit Diversity in LiveText, where is the form? Click Here
How do I use LiveText? Click Here for Instructions
How do I login to LiveText?  Click Here!

LiveText "Must Knows"

1.  Use Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser!!!!!

LiveText functions best in Mozilla Firefox.  Students and Faculty typically experience difficulties using LiveText with Internet Explorer.  To download Mozilla Firefox, click hereNo difficulties have been reported by those using Google Chrome or Safari with LiveText.

2.  Use word-processing software (ex. Microsoft Word), then copy/paste document text into the LiveText template. 

Because LiveText is web-based, creation of documents in LiveText is not suggested as work can be lost if the Internet connection goes down or if one accidentally clicks on another link or bookmark while working on a LiveText document.

3.  Best Practice - Attach RTF or PDF documents within the template!

Always attach an RTF or PDF version of the assignment as a backup so it can be opened on any computer. In Word, use the "Save As" function and select "Rich Text Format" or "PDF" from the "Save as type" drop down box.

4.  The "Documents" tab is your best friend!

Once you have started to work on an an assignment in LiveText, the assignment template is created and accessible by clicking on the "Documents” tab.  If you are working in an assignment template and want to return to finish it later (be sure to click “Save and Finish” before exiting!), you can retrieve it by clicking on the “Documents” tab.

Using LiveText (How do I?)

1. Start and Submit an Assignment?

Starting and submitting an Assignment in LiveText

      Click here for instructions.

2. Resubmit an Assignment?

Has your instructor requested that you resubmit your assignment in LiveText?

Click here for instructions.

3. Change the Title of a Document?

Change the Title of Assignment Templates

Changing the title of the assignment template to reflect your name and the last date that you edited the document in LiveText helps keep you organized, particularly when you have multiple courses and assignments with multiple templates in LiveText.

      Click here for instructions.

LiveText Diversity Forms & Directions

Before & During the Field Experience...

A completed* and submitted** Diversity Form is required for every Field Experience.

  • Print a hard copy* of the Diversity Form PRIOR to the field experience so that you can take with the form WITH you.
  • Complete the hard copy* of the form DURING the field experience
  • Make sure the Cooperating Teacher signs the completed form in the designated area.


Student Directions for submitting** Diversity Information into LiveText

  1. Bring the hard copy of your Diversity form with you upon your return from the field experience.
  2. Login to your LiveText account.  (If you do not have an account, please send email to
  3. Click on the "Forms" tab (in between Reviews and Community) See Figure 1.
  4. Locate the applicable semester's Diversity Form, then click on "Take Form"
  5. Using the hard copy as a reference, complete all questions.
  6. At the bottom of the page, click on "Submit Form" to complete and submit the form.
  7. To verify submission of the form, go back to the top of the page and click on the "Forms" tab again.  In the column labeled "Status" you should see "Completed."
  8. After completion of submission** into LiveText, please turn your hard copy in to your professor or Judy Dix (as instructed by your professor).
  9. If you were at MORE than ONE SCHOOL, you will need to submit ANOTHER form with that school's information. 
    1. Click on the "Forms" tab and then click on "Take Again" and complete the form again with the second school.  Be sure to click on "Submit Form" when complete.
  10. If you need to submit Diversity Forms from PREVIOUS Semesters, follow steps 2 through 9.
Figure 1

Figure 1