by Linda Allen

Instructional Leadership News

Ed. S. Teacher Leadership

New Online Ed. S. Program in Teacher Leadership


Ed. S. in Teacher Leader (30 hrs.)

New On-line Program

 Leading to a Class AA Instructional Leader Certificate


EFD 615:  Leadership in Education (3)

EFD 620:  Measurement and Evaluation in Education (3)

EFD 633:  Funding for School Improvement (3)

IL 650:  Seminar in Curriculum Development (3)

IL 614:  Internship in Personnel Development I (3)

IL 620:  Internship in Personnel Development II (3)

EFD 670:  Facilitating Quality Instruction in Mathematics with Colleagues (3)

EFD 672:  Facilitating Quality Instruction in Literacy with Colleagues (3)

EFD 691:  Problems I (3)

EFD 692:  Problems II (3)


Prerequisite:  MSE in any Education Program.

Interest:  Teacher Leader, Reading Coach, Academic Coach, Grade-level Lead Teacher, Department Head, or other teacher leadership role within the school or system. 



For more information, please contact:

Educational Resources

Instructional Leadership Program

Dr. Bill Kiser  256-782-5079

Dr. Mary Owens mmontgom@jsu.edu256-782-5837

Dr. Linda Allen  256-782-5849