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Department of Adolescent and Adult Education 



Name: Regina Rahimi

Position: Assistant Professor


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Educational/Professional Credentials 

Ed.D.  Curriculum Studies,                                                    Georgia Southern University,   2002
Ed Leadership/Supervision Certification                             Georgia Southern University,   1997
Ed.S.  Middle Grades Education,                                         Georgia Southern University,   1996
M.Ed. Middle Grades Education,                                         Georgia Southern University,   1994
B.S Middle Grades Education,                                             Armstrong State College,         1992 


T-7   Middle Grades Certification:  Concentrations in Math, Social Studies, and Language Arts 
L-7   Leadership and Supervision

Professional Experience

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor 
Armstrong Atlantic State University                                                                  2006-Present
       Courses Taught: 

       Socio-Cultural Perspectives in Education
       Middle School Theory and Practice
       Curriculum and Methods
       Adolescent Literature
       Language Arts Theory and Practice
       Classroom Management

          Educational Research

       Social Foundations of Education

       Supervision of Interns and Student Teachers 




Graduate Program Coordinator

Middle Grades Teacher                                                                                 
Myers Middle School                                                                                       1996-2006
eam Leader
       Developed/Taught Reading/Writing Intervention Courses
       Developed/Taught Math/Writing Connections Course
       Taught Standards-Based Language Arts,   Grades 6-8

Tompkins Middle School                                                                              1992-1996  
      Saturday School Coordinator                                                                        
      Social Studies Teacher






Intellectual Contributions

Intellectual Contributions

A. Professional Publications


Rahimi, R. & Liston, D. (2013).  Campus Conflicts: College Students' Perceptions of Heterosexism and Homophobia in Colleges and Universities.  In Devitis, J. (Ed). Contemporary Colleges and Universities: A Reader. Peter Lang Publishers: New York 

Liston, D. & Rahimi, R. (2013).  Taking Toll: The Impact of Sexual and Gender Harassment in the Lives of MIddle and High School Students. In Hall, J. (Ed). Children's Human Rights and Public Schooling in the US. Sense Publishers: Boston. 

Rahimi, R. & Liston, D. (2011): Pervasive Vulnerabilities: Sexual Harassment in School.  Peter Lang: New York.

Rahimi, R. & Liston, D. (2011). "Race, Class, and Emerging Adolescent Sexuality". In Gender and Education, 23(7), pp.799-810. .  

Rahimi, R. & Liston, D. (2011) " Teachers Perceptions of Adolescent Sexuality: Hip-Hop and BET vs. Mayberry and the Moral Majority" .  In Carlson, D., & Rosebororo, D. (Eds). The Sexuality Curriculum and Youth Culture.   Peter Lang Publishers: New York. 

Rahimi, R. & Liston, D. (2009).  "What Does She Expect When She Dresses Like That?: Teachers' Perceptions of Emerging Female Adolescent Sexuality, Educational Studies 45(6), pp.512-533.

Rahimi, R. (2008).  "Literacy as Classroom Management", Connections: The Journal of the Georgia Council of Teachers of English, 45(2),  pp.49-63. 

 Liston, D. & Rahimi-Moore, R. (2005).  "A Disputation of a Bad Reputation.  The Impact of Adverse Sexual Labels on the Lives of Five Southern Women"  In Bettis, P. & Adams, N. Geographies of Girlhood.  Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.  Mahwah, N.J.


B. Professional Presentations

Rahimi, R. & Liston, D. Just Playin' Males' Perspectives of Sexual Harassment in Schools. Presented at the American Educational Studies Association Annual Meeting, St. Louis, MO, Nov. 2011

Rahimi, R. & Liston, D. Sexual Bullying in School: Male Perspectives on the Matter.  Presented at the Georgia Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, Savannah, Ga., October, 2011.

Rahimi, R. & Liston, D. Adolescent Issues of Disconnect: Perceptions, Dialogue, Social Change and Leadership: "Male Students' Perceptions of Harassment in School."  Presented at the American Research Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.  April, 2011

Rahimi, R. & Liston, D. Hegemony, Race, and Teachers' Perceptions.  Presented at the 10th Annual Southeastern Conference on Cross Cultural Issues in Counseling and Education.  Savannah, Ga. February, 2011.  

Rahimi, R. Developing Independent Readers in Middle School? Presented at the Georgia Council of Teachers' Annual Conference.  Calloway Gardens, Ga.  February, 2011. 

Rahimi, R. & Liston, D. You Mean That Still Goes On? Young Women's Experiences With Sexual Harasssment in High School.  Presented at the American Educational Studies Annual Conference.  Denver, October, 2010

Rahimi,R. & Liston, D.  The New Hello And Other Forms of Harassment in Schools.  Presented at the Georgia Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, Savannah, October, 2010.

Rahimi,R. & Liston, D.  Challenging Experiences of Female Administrators and Students: Female Students Perceptions of Harassment in Schools.  Presented at the American Educational Resarch Association Annual Meeting, Denver, April, 2010

Rahimi, R., Rambo, E., Tupper, C., Williams, R. Life in a College of Education. Presented at the Future Educators of America Spring Training 2010, Jeckyll Island, Ga.  April, 2010.

Rahimi, R. & Liston, D.  Hostile High: Sexual Harassment in High School.  Presented at the Eastern Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, Savannah, Ga. February, 2010.

Rahimi, R. Hip Hop and Bet vs. Mayberry and the Moral Majority: Negotiating Sexuality, Race, and Gender in Schools.  A Chapter Preview.  Presented at the Summit for Popular Culture, Youth Cultures, and Democratic Sexuality,  Wrightsville Beach, NC, February, 2010.

 Rahimi, R., Askew, S., Campbell, S.  , Williams-Adams, M.. “Cultural Responsiveness: The Impact of Study Abroad Experiences in Teacher Preparation Programs”.  Presented at the Georgia Association of Teacher Educators Annual Conference,  Jeckyll Island, Ga., October, 2009. 

Rahimi, R., Alley, E., Askew, S., Campbell, S., Foster, C., Williams-Adams, M., AASU and Belize: A Parnership between AASU and Elementary schools in Belize". Presented at the COBEC (Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation) Annual Conference.  Savannah, Ga. July, 2009. 

Rahimi, R. & Liston, D. Race, Class, and Emerging Female Sexuality: Teacher Perceptions and Sexual Harassment.  Presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, San Diego, April, 2009.

Rahimi, R. Effective Langauage Arts Instruction for ESL: What Middle and High School Students Say. Presented at the Georgia Council of Teachers of English, 2009 Annual Conference, Jeckyll Island, Ga.  February, 2008.

Rahimi, R. and Liston, D. What Does She Expect When She Dresses Like That?: Teachers' Perceptions of Emerging Adolescent Female Sexuality.  Presented at the American Educational Studies Assocation Annual Meeting, Savannah, Ga. October, 2008.

Rahimi, R. and Liston, D. Teachers' Perceptions of Emerging Adolescent Female Sexuality.  Presented at the Women and Girls in Georgia Annual Conference, Athens, Ga. October, 2008.

Bergin, J., White, S., Hepting, N., Battiste, B., Rahimi, R.  (2008) Literacy skills across the currculum. A multi-media workshop consisting of 24 hours of in-service
instuction for 23 early childhood and middle grade teachers.  Belize City, Belize, Central America. May 12-15.

Rahimi, R., and Liston, D. What Does She Expect When She Dresses Like That?  Teachers' Roles in Labeling Sluts.  Presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, New York, April 2008.

Rahimi, R., Zaldivar, P, Rayans, D., Peny, J., Crosby, C. You're Not Like Me! Dealing With Our Differences.  Presented at the Future Educators of America Spring Training, St. Simons Island, Ga. April 2008. 

Rahimi, R. Help! My Eighth Graders Cant Read: Literacy and the Adolescent.  Presented at the Georgia Council of Teachers of English 2008 Conference, Callaway Gardens, Ga.  February 2008. 

Rahimi, R. Helping Adolescents Who Struggle With Reading.  Presented at the Annual Diocesan Teachers Institute, St. James Catholic School, Savannah, Ga., Februray 2008.

Rahimi, R., Davis, E. & Hannigan, P. Games! Games! Games! (And other strategies for getting to know others).  Presented at the Future Educators of America Fall Training, Covington, Ga. 2007 

Rahimi, R., Wilson, A., Hannigan, P., Davis, E., Hutchinson, M. What Will College Classes Really be Like?  Presented at the Future Educators of America Spring Training, St. Simons Island, Ga,  April 2007

Rahimi, R. Making Sense of Standards: The Relationship of Theory and Practice in the Life of a First Year Professor.  Presented at Making an Impact: Best practices to Enhance Achievement, Assessment, and Accountability for P-12 Learning,  Atlanta, March, 2007

Strauser, E., Rahimi, R., & Mahan, M. Out of the Ivory Tower and into the Trenches: Case Study of Taking a Year's Leave to Again Teach in the Middle Grades Classroom.  Presented at the National Middle School Association's Symposium on Middle Level Teacher Preparation,  Destin, Florida, February, 2007. 

Rahimi, R. Forged by Fire: Using a Sharon Draper Novel to Excite Writers.  Presented at Voices from the Coast: Navigating the Tides of Teaching, Annual Fall Conference of the Coastal Georgia Writing Project,  November, 2006

Rahimi, R. Good Books Go a Long Way:  Designing Literature Based Classrooms to Encourage Language and Literacy Development.  Presented at the Second Regional ESOL Symposium,  Savannah, October, 2006

Liston, D., MOORE-RAHIMI,R.  A Disputation of a Bad Reputation:  The Impact of Adverse Sexual Labels on the Lives of Five Southern Women.  Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting,  New Orleans, LA, April 2002.

Liston, D., Lickteig, M., Gilpin, L. , MOORE-RAHIMI, R. & Saye, N.  Women’s Philosophies of Education:  An Experiential Introduction.  Presented at SEPES, 51st Annual Meeting of Southeast Philosophy of Education Society, Atlanta, Georgia, February 2001.





C. Professional Organizations

Member,  American Educational Studies Association

Member,  National Middle School Association

Member,  American Educational Research Association

Member, National Council of the Teachers of English

Member, Georgia Council of the Teachers of English

Member, Association for Curriculum and Supervision Development




D. Other Contributions (grants, etc.)


Serving on Dissertation Committee, Department of Curriculum Studies, Georgia Southern University

 Faculty Search Committee, AAED Department Chair,  Spring, 2011

Member, Editorial Review Board of Research in Middle Level Education Online,  2009- Current

Presented with Faculty Panel at Common Read: Waddie and the Beloved Community, November, 2010

Session Chair,  The Mathematics and Science Millieu: Preservice Teachers' Understanding of their Subject Speciality,  Presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, Denver, April, 2010.

Session  Chair, Middle Grades Teachers: Positioning and Pedagogy, Presented at the American Educational Research Association Meeting, Denver, April, 2010. 

Participated in Middle Level Research SIG National Middle Grades Research Project Training,  Common Planning Time, Denver, April, 2010

Reviewer, American Educational Reseach Association Annual Meeting, 2011- Middle Level Education SIG, and Teacher and Teacher Education Division B. 

American Educational Studies Association, Critics Choice Award Committee, 2009-Current

Manuscript Reviewer, Educational Studies, Current

Reviewer, National Youth At Risk Annual Conference, 2010

University Curriculum Committe,  2008-2009

Course Re-Take Sub Committee, 2008-2009

Graduate Affairs Council, 2009-Current

Graduate Curriculum Committee, 2008-Current

Chair, Graduate Curriculum Committee, 2009-Current

Member, Faculty Welfare Committee, 2008-2009  

Chair, NCATE Standard 3 Committee: Field Experiences and Clinical Practice  2008-2009

University Parking Task Force Committee,  Current

COE Publicity Committee, Current

Department Faculty Searrch Committee, 2007-2008 ; 2010- Current  

Department Appeals Committee, 2007- Current

Navigate Armstrong Faculty Member, 2007-Current 

Co-Chair Middle Grades Collaborative Conference, 2007

Member, Governing Board for Oglethorpe Charter School,  2007-2009

Member, Graduate School Faculty,  2007- Current   

Reviewer,  American Educational Studies Association 2009 Annual Meeting

                   Division B, Curriculum Studies, Division C- Learning and Instruction, Division D- Measurement and Research Methodology, Division G- Social Contexts of

                   Division- Teaching/Teacher Education, SIG- Critical Examination of Race, Ethnicity, Class, and Gender in Education, SIG- Lives of Teachers, SIG- Research

                  in Reading and Literacy, Sig- Writing and Literacies, SiG-Critical Issues in Curriculum and Cultural Studies

 Grant Reader,  Title IID Grant for Department of Education, Instructional Technology, Spring 2008, Spring 2009, Fall 2009, Spring 2010, Summer 2010  

Hosted COE Brown Bag Discussion,  The Preparation of ESL Learners, October 10, 2008. 

Hosted (with group of students) ESOL Symposium, November 22, 2008 

Arranged Study Abroad in Belize, May, 2009

Anuual Fund Volunteer, Current  

Student Success Committee, 2010-Current

Curriculum and Instruction Program Task Force, Current

Member, Critics Choice Book Award Committee of the American Educational Studies Association,   2009- Current

Chair, Faculty Lecture Series,  Current

Member, Faculty Senate, Current

Member of the Board at the Rape Crisis Center, Savannah

Student Activities Budget Committee, 2011

Chair, Search Committee for Department Head, Adolescent and Adult Learning

Member, Steering Committee of the Faculty Senate,

Member, First Year Course Design Committee

Member, Adminstrative Appraisal Ad Hoc Committee 

Coordinated the Curriculum and Instruction program approval for GAPSC and BOR